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June 28, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Poland x Japan x Reader

you are neighbors and best friends with Poland(Feliks) and Japan(Kiku). they are your homies but also they are dating. you totally are in love with that "engrish" speaking chink, but that hipster pink lovin polska is a total cock block!
one day while you are at their side of the duplex Poland comes down the stairs in slow motion wearing a new ass hugging blue jean mini. out of no where the song "honkytonk badonkadock" started playing the the back ground.

"Kiku, Check it!" Poland gets to the bottom of the stairs and walks seductively over to me and japan sitting on the couch. "_____ totally gave this to me! for ____ having such a fat ass, no offence _____, it like, fits like a dream!"

Japan stares awkward and disapprovingly at the crossdresser in frount of him. "Preez put on some pants" he says and goes back to watching tv.

poland flips his hair and turns around to go back up the stairs mumbling "hater" while turning around. you have never noticed what a juicy ass on a white guy befor and couldn't take your eyes off of them polish muffins. you reach out to grab it but stop yourself.

"he bring shame sometimes to me, but i ruv him" says japan blushing. "he is no female, but he wish sometim he was but i no want Feliks female but male...." he speaks, you not understanding a word he says, but you don't care, he is sexy right?

when a commercial breaks through the channel kiku was watching, you flip it to some paid programming show. it was for a pos-t-vac. kiku's face turns a tomato red when the commercial starts. "____, what are we watching?! Preese, change it!" a few seconds later, poland comes back downstairs, wearing absolutely nothing, screams out "No! Like, keep it!
Oh, and kiku, are you happy now?" he points to his head where he stuffed the pants over top of it. kiku turned around and gushed out a discusted squeal. "n-no thats not what i meant! i mean on your regs!"

you yawned at the sight of feliks and kiku fighting. you thought it could go so much better. after that thought, a lightbulb popped in your head, then you spoke up. "Ah, cut the crap you guys, make up!" kiku hesitantly looked over at you with a confused face, but feliks knew what you meant, and he was desperate for it. "you heard ____, lets totally make it all up!"
he grabbed the japanese mans face and squished it, giving him fishy lips. kiku swatted his hand away and fiercly shook his head. "No, not in front of _____!" feliks bit his lip and placed one hand on his hip. he wanted it NOW. "Ugh, like chill out, ____ could join us!" Kiku's face grew a bright red again as he looked over at you. he swallowed hard. "you mean like a mirage or fra?" Japan asked shyly.
"what the hell? I can never understand him" you thought. "Ohhhh, I tink he mean Minage a Trois! That means Threesome in like, french or something. Katy Perry taught me that!" Poland exclaimed. "thats totally what I meant! Wait, how did you know about that? you hate Katy perry!"
"I found it on Googre!" japan exlaimed

all of you head upstairs from the living room to the bedroom of poland and japan. poland is already nude so while you and japan are getting undressed, he pulls out the pole from the closet and dumps all the clothes on it in the floor. He somehow balances it on the floor and starts pole dancing on it! you stop to admire his womanly curves and his flopping softie. you raise your shirt over your head and ask japan to help you with the bra. japan hesitantly does, revealing your gargontuous boobens.
they are bigger than Ukraine's! kiku gazed into your wonderful breasts, then fiercly planted one hand on them. as he was fiddling around with the warm, squishy breast, poland wraps his arms around japan's waist. "Like, i want love too!" he takes one hand and fiddles with his crotch. japan let out a soft groan. again, you were bored at the sight of the two. you wanted more than some grubby hand all over your chest. suddenly, you forced your body closer to kikus and planted your lips against his.
poland giggled. japan immediately shoved his tongue into your mouth dancing around and exploring yours. his mouth tasted like sushi. as the two of you were making out hardcore, poland climbs up on japans back and reaches out a hand to grab your other breast. you groaned deeply into kiku's japanese mouth, which has already invaded all of yours. after a few minutes, the room grew hot and steamy. all of you were starting to grow sticky from the sweat on your bodies, but you guys liked it. a lot.
sudenly, japan screamed loud pulling away from you! poland had stuck his warsaw in japans ass! this cause japan to have an insti-boner. japan turned you around, sticking his mount fuji in your fartbox. you all formed a conga-hump line(you being the leader) and humped all around upstairs; in the bathroom in the entertainment room, laundry room and then to the staircase. you fall down the stairs! with of course, jack and jill tumbling after. you land back first, but poland lands on top of you, cock landing in your mouth.
of course, you take advantage on this, and start pumping. this earns you a loud grunt from the all mighty polska. he flips you around so you both can perform 69. Japan starts to masterbate at this. His face contourts into weird faces, almost likke he's about to cum, but then something happens! HE SPROUTS TENTICALS!!!!! All of you scream simotaniously! Then, the tenticals wrap around you and poland, and then procedes to insert tenticals into both of your orfaces; all of them, even your nose! This is so pleasing to all of you,
it is unlike anything you have ever expirienced before. It was all extasy for about 30 second until you realized you couldn't breath. right before you passed out, you bit off one of the tenticals in your mouth. "Mmmmmm, kalimari" you moan.
the tenticals return into japans body like it never even happened. Then Poland picks you up and sits you on his lap, inserting his dick into your ass. Then japan comes over and inserts his into your vag, whilst making out with you. it doesn't take long until the floor becomes a pool of sweat, making splash sounds as each thrust into you. even though your boobs practically attacked japans face while you were making out with him, each of yours faces were covered in the others saliva and facial sweat.
"i'm about to, ohh, IKU!" Japan shouts. "what does that mean? you pant. "CUM!" poland screams. "AND SO AM I!"
All three of you finish at the same time, both of your lovers pulling out and shooting their seed onto your body. After the insense, longest orgasm any of you have expirienced was over, Poland and Japan proceded to lick off the jizz from your body.
You all got dressed and setted down, entering the kitched to get something to eat after that calorie-killing 'workout'.
Japan walks over to you and stares into your eyes intensely.
"_____, I think I ruv you... I've never had such a excitring sex in my rife... will you be mine?" You are in total shock,as is Poland. "Excuse you?? Like, what the fuck, we are together!" Poland yells and whacks Japan with the frying pan.
"Srry, I ruv ______ now. Ish over, Feliks." Japan turns back to you. "So what do you sray?"
"Y-yes, of course! I've been in love with you ever since I moved in next door!" You exclaimed and hugged him.
poland walks out the door, saying to Japan on his way out, "Bitch please, you look like Rock Lee anyways."

ZE REND!!!~ :D
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KiddoKunsGirl Featured By Owner 5 days ago
😂😂😂this was so weird!!! But I loved it! Being 1/4 Polish, I.... Nevermind :3 Woah... Im a Fem! Poland! Im a girl but i want to be a guy!! Im not gay, i just want to be a guy for like a week then turn back into a girl. Dgu chvskdjvn
PrussiaDesu Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Bitch please, you look like rock lee anyways."

Bruh, I'm done. 😂 😂 😂
DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  New member Student Artist
Lol. That was just...
Poland is mai bae. He is so fab! But Japan..woah. just fo' da sex brah? *snaps fingers*
blazethemage Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Dafuq did I just read? This was all messed up shit but it was awesome.
Poetry-Venting Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Mount fuji....fartbox.....conga-hump line? Dafuq did i just read? And japan is a tentacle monster? Not to mention falling down the stairs whilst frick fracking. And pole dancing poland. Badum tss. He is POLand after all.
KiddoKunsGirl Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Wow.... 😂😂 i liked Mount Fuji the best. The others were too much.... Maybe I should try POLdancing cause im POLish 😂
Poetry-Venting Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
or maybe be part of interPOL
KiddoKunsGirl Featured By Owner 4 days ago
KiddoKunsGirl Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Oh god XD YAS
Diobites Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Da fuck did I just read? A work of art!~ xD
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