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June 25, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
A doorbell sounded throughout the German home. Prussia rolls over on the couch, grunting lazily. "It's too early in the afternoon for this," he thought. The doorbell rang once more. The man's eyes shot open suddenly. He slumps off of the couch and marches over to the door. He opens the door angrily. "Vhat is it?!" He mumbles groggily, rubbing the sleepy from his eyes.

"You're package requires a signature." It was the UPS man.
"MY package?"
"Uh, yes Mr. Bellischmidt."
"Oh, es tut mir leid. I'm still drunk from last night."

The UPS man furrows his brows at Prussia before giving him the clipboard to sign. Prussia forgot what hand he wrote with, and accidentally started signing with his left hand. His signature wrote "P Squiggle (P ~)"

Prussia takes the package in, slamming the door behind him. Before opening the suspicious package, he takes a look at the label. Since he was still drunk, he forgot how to read. "Vhat ze hell is in this?"

The man swiftly pulled open the box and revealed a blow-up sex doll. Prussia then proceeds to smirk desu. "Mein gott, it's a gift from zhe Gods!!" He admires it's atificially colored ____ eyes and it's luscious plastic ____ hair. He knows Germany is out at a meeting, so he decides he's gonna take it for a spin! Prussia searches for the blow-up plug, which he then found convenientally located on the nipplies. The Prussian licked his lips, placed them on one of the teets and blew into the doll. This started to make his sausage sizzle! He watched as it's (s/c) form took shape. Prussia stroked his weenie through his jeans as all this was happening. He plugged back the plug with a plug. Plug.

Stepping back, Prussia stared at the beauty in from on him. Lord, this sex toy was the most beautiful anything he has ever seen. Besides himself of course. He drooled just a bit just staring at its massive curves and tall mountains. A landscape he'd like to travel. ;D

Prussia unbuttoned his jeans to reveal his leek covered boxers (no they don't have his pet bird on them wtf that would be weird. plus he's a fan of Miku I mean what a babe, who isn't.) They were so tight with lust for the bodacious blow up toy which was you. He took of his shirt too. What an excellent pair of abs he had there!

To set the mood, he slid over on his socks to the radio, turning it on. It was set on the 80's station and the song "Take on Me" by Aha! This was his jam! Dude, this was just making him even more horny! Welp, he slid back over to the sex doll and slid off his boxers, revealing his german wursty! All 5 meters inches! Wasn't expecting that, now were we?

His hose was leaking in anticipation, he just couldn't take it anymore! He slid in between its legs and started pounding away. The toy was tight and suprisingly comfy. It dind't take long before he was close. Actually, only 30 seconds. But he wasn't going to finish just yet. Prussia slid out, panting heavily. He slammed into its mouth. It was a different texture. Was that real toung texture? With no teeth? Perfect! It was like getting a blowjob from a granny without the awkwardness. About 8 seconds later, he accidentally finished. Obviously this is why he didn't have a girlfriend. He jizzed all down its throat. Actually, he jizzed so hard it started leaking out of the sides of the mouth. Ew.

He panted, pulling out of the doll with ease. "Ooo, didn't mean to finish so early. Eh, I'll come back for ya later when my bowl of chowder gets filled back up~" With that, Prussia headed upstairs to his room. He figured that a nap would regenerate some energy.

After about 30 minutes, there was a rustle at the front door. Germany was home. The door bust open with a sweaty German stepping inside. The meeting he was at didn't have an air conditioner-

"V...Vhat is zis?!/@" Ludwig just couldn't when he saw the blow up doll. It had obviously been used without being cleaned. Why was it used in the first place? Germany rushed over to the figure, picking it up with care. "Uhh.. let's take you up to my room." He has been waiting for his package to arrive for a long while, and the muscley man was ready to hit it up in the bed. The doll was scooped in his strong arms, and Lud was stomping upstairs into his secluded room. Quickly, he threw you onto his mattress (which you slowly floated down) while he then started his hands to his shirt. He know he had to have his opera music playing! It was one of his guilty pleasures to play his favorite song, "Ave Maria" while getting kinky. Oh well. He'll save the special tune for later. Right now, it was just time to rough it up. When he ripped his shirt off, the blondie's petruding abs  started beading with sweat. "You... you like zhat?" He aked the plastic doll, only to make it feel more realistic. Let's be honest: Nobody liked his glistening bod. This was the best the poor guy can get.

Then, he started his hands to his belt and loosened it, causing them to fall down. Germany was wearing regular manly pantaloons. Oh come on, classic is sexiest! Now, for the moment of truth, he tore off the underwear and revealed his Bullet Bill. It was already hard.

Without any hesitation, Germany attacked the doll. He roughly grinded into it, huffing out steamy grunts. More sweat shined on him, some occasionally dripping off his nose. This was intense. It would be more intense to his music of choice. After a minute, Ludwig alrready wanted to switch it up. Just as he pulled out, he remembered that his brother had dirtied up the mouth without wiping it clean. "Damn," He thought, "I wonder vhat it would feel like if I.." He then inserted his squirmy wormy into the doll's unsanitary mouth. Pounding into it was very sensual, especially with some seed already there. "Zhis is so weird... But it's good!!" Right then and there, he had dropped the load. This mission has been accomplished. He has landed on the moon. He had buttered that toast. Morganed that Freeman.

Germany's orgasm was so strong he instantly passed out on top of the doll. In his sleep though, he was mumbling something... a song? What was it...

"Ave maria~"
"Gratia plena- *gurgle snore*~"

Something magical was happening...

"Ave dominussss~"

The doll underneath him was turning to life! The song must have some magical abilities. The (s/c) plastic was slowly transforming into real skin, (h/c) plastic hair was translorming into real (h/l) locks of wonder, and (e/c) orbs starting to blink for the first time... She was alive!


But too bad Germany was still inside her mouth and laying on top of her. The girl, soon after transforming, suffocated.
Requested by :iconxxshadowfan2xx:
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